This site is dedicated in loving memory to my wonderful parents, Anthony and Irene Garbo
 ' Thank You God I Am Grateful Bracelets ' were created to remember to Thank God for the everyday gifts in my life. In 2007, I was inspired by watching celebrities on a national music award show, who were thanking God in front of the world.

 I am not a celebrity and I definitely can't sing, but I have a song in my heart to be grateful to God too.  When I remember to be grateful and Thank God, I am a better  person.  The little things don't seem to get in the way of the great, awesome wonder and power of God.  When I forget to be grateful, frustrations, stress, and the challenges of life take on a bigger role and block out the joy and peace that comes with gratefulness.  

 I decided to create these bracelets with this simple message.  Sort of like a string tied to my finger, it reminds me to pause for a moment and reflect on the good.  Like a singer who writes and records a song for others to share,  these bracelets are my song.  
 I developed this site in case others would want to wear a bracelet too.  I am not one to push my beliefs on others.  I began wearing my bracelet and giving them to family and friends I thought would like one.  If someone sees me wearing mine and comments about it,  I give them one. 

Through word of mouth and social media, people are finding out about the bracelets.  The wristband is being worn by former Cleveland Browns’ Josh Cribbs, and other Cleveland Browns players. Arizona Cardinals' Beanie Wells and Tim Tebow,  The Ohio State Buckeye football players, cheerleaders and The Ohio State marching band can be seen sporting the bracelet.  Other players with the San Diego Chargers and St. Louis Rams have been seen wearing the wristband.  These are just the ones that I know of.  

If you decide to order a bracelet,  I pray that it reminds you to reflect on the good during the day.  Even during those dark days,  you can find the good and then all of a sudden the sun is shining in your heart.   

God Bless, 
Toni Garbo

         Thank You Bracelets